Deploying Rails With Docker and Jenkins

Docker ARG vs ENV

Upload Youtube Video With Python


Setting Up A Local Docker Registry

Ps aux

Delete Dangling Docker Volumes

Nokogiri On Alpine

Search For PDFs On Google


NPM Check Updates


Docker: Create Image

Ubuntu Dependencies

Google Docs Spreadsheet Freeze

Run Docker Image

CLI Bandwidth Monitor

ZFS Snapshots

SFTP Jails

ZFS Create Pool


Asciidoc Document Types

Git Tags

Javascript Variable Scope

Ubuntu Upgrade To Development Version

Starting Docker Containers With Cron

Extend LVM Partition

Docker Default Machine

Disabling Retry Files In Ansible

Starting With Docker

Ubuntu OEM Install

VIM: nerdtree

VIM: nerdcommenter

VIM: gundo

VIM: gutter

VIM: fugitive

VIM: easymotion

VIM: delimitMate

VIM: ctrlp

VIM: colorschemes

VIM: airline

VIM: ack

Cache Git Http Credentials

Highlight JS With Metalsmith and Marked

Cloudflare Authenticated Origin Pulls

Ansible Start From Specific Task

Using A Raspberry PI As A DNS Server

VMware Shared Folders At Boot

Ubuntu Resolv Config

Clear Windows Login Cache

Curl POST File

Git Reflog

Node Symbolic Links On NFS Shares

Buildbot Buildmaster Hierarchy

Buildbot Install

Git Remote


Ansible Python Not Found Error

Google Contributor

VESA Monitor check

Caching HTML With Cloudflare

Scheduled Lambda Functions

Local Playlists With Ansible

Autoplaylists In Foobar2k

Git-Annex Uninstall

Tmux Resurrect



Gmail Imap Settings

Backup Strategy

Postgres Setup On Ubuntu

Replacing Bootstrap With Basscss

Metalsmith Skeleton Plugin

Hello World